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When you purchase a nutrition consultation or package you agree to the following terms and conditions

If you sign up, enter a competition or register for upcoming events you are also consenting to subscribing to our newsletter. You are free to unsubscribe at any time

If you are undertaking any measurements such as body composition or weight you will also be required to complete an additional consent form 

2.0 FEES

Consultation fees are payable prior to your visit and confirm your booking date and time with 4thdiscipline or Nutricise Ltd. There are a number of payment options and you will be asked for full payment of your chosen package prior to the consultation

2.1 Consultancy fees agreed in advance with corporations or companies will be invoiced and payable within 30 days from completion

2.2 Fees for mileage and travel for home or business visits will be agreed in advance. Mileage will be charged per mile as agreed. Travel more than 30 minutes will be charged at £20/15 mins in addition to the agreed mileage costs

2.3 Extra time spent during a consultation or extra work required following a consultation will be charged at £20/15 mins in addition to the consultation fees


Payment can be made by Visa debit and credit card, online payments, PayPal, cash

Please note that we operate a policy of using a debt collection company should invoices remain unpaid. These will incur interest of 8% and you will be liable for the full cost of this collection


Initial consultation: approximately 1hr (Please note times vary)

Follow up review: approximately 45-55 minutes

4.1 We try to be punctual and reliable with our consultation times

4.2 Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your consultation time

4.3 Should you arrive late the full cost of the appointment is still payable however we will not be able to provide the full appointment duration due to other clients booked in after you



The initial consultation is an assessment based on the information that you provide and a discussion based on your printed diet analysis. We will consider  your aims, goals, any intolerances or medical conditions. The initial consultation forms the basis of our work together

5.1 If you choose a Performance Nutrition (Discovery package) package this will include body composition measurements

The body composition measures will be taken at your initial consultation and this will last the duration of the 1hr visit

5.2  The review consultations build on the dietary analysis considering your goals, body composition and aims

5.3  Prior to your initial consultation your dietitian/ performance nutritionist will have taken more than an hour reviewing and analysing your diet; starting to formulate how you will work together. This may include gathering written information, further medical information (if applicable) or recipes for example

5.4  Please note that there is an additional cost for a 'diet plan' outside of what we build together in clinic; please ask if are unsure. After your initial consultation you will leave with your body composition profile (if applicable -Discovery Package or Performance Nutrition review where applicable) and your printed diet analysis

5.5  Most clients benefit from a review within 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation to ensure that the you are on track and that your needs and questions are addressed. This is followed by  approximately 3 further reviews to help optimise your diet. We recognise that everyone is individual and may require fewer or further consultations support or meet their goals

5.6 Nutrition takes time to change and is rarely changed within 2 sessions. There are some cases however where two sessions will meet your needs but all clients and athletes are individuals. We will always be transparent about how many consultations we feel that you will benefit from and if we feel that you would benefit from other services other than Nutricise Ltd or  4thDiscipline


You can cancel a booked consultation within 48hrs. Please call or email. A confirmation call or email will be sent to let you know that we have received your cancellation; if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation please call

Phone Number: 07746771999
Email: info@nutricise.org

6.1 If an appointment is not cancelled by giving 48hrs notice or you miss your consultation you will be charged 50% of the full consultation price

6.2  Whilst we understand that appointments may need to be changed or cancelled; if consultations are repeatedly cancelled you may be liable for full payment of the appointment as this prevents us from allowing other clients your consultation slot


We may need to contact another healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist, GP, psychotherapist, psychologist, medical consultant or surgeon to discuss your case and optimise your care. We will always ask you before contacting your healthcare team. However, if we have concerns about your health and safety or we believe you are at risk to your health we may contact your healthcare team in your best interests without your permission. At all times, we will request your permission first before contacting any healthcare professional. 

7.1 You will be asked to sign a consent form to share information with other professionals at your initial visit


Please also see the privacy policy

We are registered with the Information Officers Commission (IOC). Your medical records are recorded and handled within the guidelines of the data protection act. We only store the data we require for your consultations to support your dietary interventions

8.1  At you initial consultation you will be asked to sign a consent to email contact and text messages for the purpose of consultation reminders, answering your questions or contacting with requested documents or plans

8.2 Any sensitive information such as a dietary reports, analysis or letters will be sent password protected.  Please note that by sending information to Nutricise or 4th Discipline via email (info@nutricise.org) such as food diaries, client information, medical letters or blood test results may not always be secure. You may like to send this to us password protected and let us know by phone/ text the password to unlock

8.3 Please also note that coaching via email will be saved in your notes on a secure medical notes system (https://www.writeupp.com) and deleted on a regular basis from the email system. When you sign up to coaching you acknowledge that you are accepting the risk that email may not always be secure.  You have the right to opt out of these services at any time.

Nutricise / 4thDiscipline are looking at other ways to make sharing this information more secure. Please ask if you are uncertain. 


Please contact us directly with any feedback about the clinic or your consultations. We welcome your feedback and are always looking for your comments on our website. If you are unhappy with your consultation please let us know at your consultation so that we can rectify the situation. 

9.1 You may be asked to complete a short survey which will be sent after your consultation or via a link (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk) You will be asked for consent before any emails for these purposes are sent to you and you will be able to opt in to this service 

9.2  If you would like to post a comment or testimonial on our website please let us know. We also would love to upload your picture! By sending a testimonial and picture you consent to this being on a number of different sites including the websites Nutricsie , 4thdiscipline, Birmingham movement therapy, Medstars and social media accounts  connected to Nutricise Ltd and 4thdiscipline such as Instagram, Facebook, Strava. You will be asked for verbal consent and by sending the information and photo this also confirms consent. You can withdraw that consent at anytime and the testimonial will be removed


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