Discovery Package

Discovery Package

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Discover your 4th Discipline with Claire. 
Start to unlock your performance potential with a 1hr in depth complete body composition assessment plus a 1hr complete  performance nutrition assessment 

Session 1:

Including but not limited to:


  • includes 8 skinfold measures

  • 5 girth measures

  • 2 bone measures

  • height and weight

  • Complete analysis of your profile 

You need to bring/wear shorts and t-shirt (bra top) for the initial assessment. Please do not take a hot shower or train 3-4hrs before the assessment as this may affect the results.

Please do not wear body cream or oils as this makes it difficult to take measurements!

Note your first session will focus on your body composition and your review (Session 2) will focus on your nutrition assessment

You will be given your personalised nutritional analysis at this session to take home (session 1) and a printout or email from your body composition results

Session 2:


  • COMPREHENSIVE personalised DIETARY ANALYSIS (food and training diary)

  • Build a typical training day meal plan together - you will receive a print out and email

Session 2 will focus on your nutritional analysis of your food and training diary.

Please complete the food, symptoms and training diary with as much detail as possible using times of day, times of training and type, household measures or descriptions of foods and drinks eaten to get the most from this personalised analysis. Please also make sure to state in your client assessment as much detail as possible about your lifestyle and training

Please email back both the client assessment form and food and training diary (password protecting if desired